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Published: 04th December 2005
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The Image Consulting Home Business is a challenging, exciting and profitable Home based Business.

As with any consulting Business, professionalism, courtesy and creativity are required.

Start up: $2,000 - $7,000 (equipment and training)

Projected Income: $35,000 - $98,000

Fees: $125-$250 per session

Advertising: Classifieds--Women's newspapers, Women's magazines, bulletin boards, coupon books, Internet, Baby Magazines, Professional/Business Magazines

Equipment: Mirrors, color swatches, makeup samples, skin care products and a camera

Optional: Software that shows your customer's appearance after implementing your suggestions.

Customers: Graduating College Students, Professionals, Political figures, news anchors, activists

The Image Consulting Home Business is the perfect Home Business Start Up for individuals who have a talent for balance, color and psychological impact.

As an image consultant, your job is to help individuals to make a specific impact on others through appearance and attitude. Don't be misguided into believing that image consulting is all about beauty. Not necessarily.

In fact, Image Consulting is about Psychological Impact. There are circumstances in which beauty is the primary focus but much more often, your client's focus is geared toward creating a specific mindset in his or her audience.

For instance, a girlfriend of mine, is a news anchor. In an effort to retain and enlist a greater audience, she explains that anchor's continually seek the services of Image Consultants. Example: There are times in which the station is geared toward captivating a younger audience, thus, an Image Consultant's services include modifying color schemes, jewelry, dress, hair style and color and...gesture, mannerisms, speech patterns and makeup.

As an Image Consultant, your most typical clients will consist of individuals embarking on a new careers, career changes, college graduates and people in search for new jobs.

Your job as an image consultant is to help your client create a positive impression on their audiences through look and attitude.

Many image consultants choose to specialize in a particular area. For instance, some specialize in Bridal Consulting. Others, specialize in specific career image consulting.

As an example, there are image consultants who specialize in creating a "specific look" for political figures. Political figures seek the services of image consultants so that they can gain an edge on captivating a specific audience.

Understand that your job as an Image Consultant involves more than appearance. You must also assist your client in developing an attitude that is appealing to his or her audience of choice. Thus, it's important that you begin your consulting business within a specific category. As well, you'll need to become well versed in the audiences' preferences.

For instance, if your clients are Ceo's of businesses that involve food franchises, you certainly would provide expert advice to them that is vastly different from the advice you would provide to an individual who is a manager of a law firm or a Project Manager of an accounting firm. Each of these industries require that your client appeals to specific audiences.

You clients' primary audience could be others within the company they work for. More specifically, the audience could be: Other Ceo's, age 45, Italian, married, children, average income = $120,000...

Or, your clients audience could be: White American males, age 65, married with a long family history of business ownership...

The point is, your clients will need to learn from you, how to appeal to his or her audience. That said, you will need to understand your client's audience. Family history, marital status, average income and education...what appeals to your clients audience? Is there a particular speech pattern? Style of dress? Do they wear ties with patterns? Do the women wear colored nylons? Are the shoes open toe...2 inch heel or 4 inch? Are the shoes glossy or dull? Is the audience attracted to a speech pattern that is slow and punctuated? Or, is the attraction for a melodic speech patter? Do they value eye contact? On...and on...

You will need to understand the audience so that you can assist your client in appealing to it.

What you will need to Start an Image Consulting Home Business

Consider purchasing, "The Perfect Fit: How to start an Image Consulting Business", by Lynn Henderson Marks.

Become well versed in the art of selling. Yes, you are teaching your client to sell him or herself, so you must understand the psychology of selling. I highly recommend that you read texts by Anthony Robins and Tom Hawkins. Both of these authors are well known experts in the area of sales psychology. You should also read "Think and Grow Rich", which is available, free from our website.

Purchase life sized mirrors so that your clients are able to practice wearing their new attitude with the ability to see themselves from different angles.

You'll also want to invest into good makeup and skin care lines. Be certain to become familiar with different skin tones and their complement colors. For example, African American skin tones are quite varied. Some people have a yellow or olive undertone and other's have red or orange. So it's critical that you become familiar with the variety of skin tones within different ethnic groups. Some of the coloring rules that apply to caucasian skin are very different than those that apply to brown skinned groups. This also applies to photography. Keep this in mind when taking pictures.

A good magazine that specializes in skin care is: "Dermascope Magazine".

Also, consider visiting Beauty Works. There, you will find numerous resources for skin, hair, aestheticians....

In the event that you decide that you would like to become certified as a professional Image Consultant, consider visiting the London Image Institute. You will find a wealth of resources available in the Image Consulting industry as well as telephone conference classes, seminars and more. 404 255 0009

You have the option of working at home as an Image Consultant or working from home as an Image Consultant. You will need to determine which of the two options work best for you. Either option can work well but you will need to make this determination as it will dictate your expenses.

Get your hands on some Quality Home Business Courses. You will need to stay ahead of the marketing trends. Consider making it a habit to nvest into business education, psychology of sales and phsychology of influence as well as appearance.

Starting an Image Consulting Business can be lucrative and exciting, has a low start up cost and allows for you to create your own working schedule.

If you are talented at reading people, have an eye for color and balance, Owning a Home Based Image Consulting Business may be the home based business for you.


For further information on Building your Home based Image Consulting Business and other Home Based Business Start Up's and Business Courses and tools, visit OwnABizToday at:

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